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ALL ingredients are Certified Organic. Happi contains the following ingredients: Organic soapberry nut concentrate. Organic bean glycerine. Organic sugarcane Ethanol. Organic Eucalyptus & Organic Orange Essential oils…..and that’s it! No hidden nasties, no toxic ingredients and no harmful GMO ingredients.

With so much green-washing going on around the globe, our biggest point of difference is the fact that Happi is Certified Organic to food-grade standards. This means you can be assured that our laundry liquid is safe, GMO-free and actually organic, unlike so many alternatives.

Being in the organic industry for over 20 years, we believe it is important that the general public has a way of easily seeing the difference between products that are really organic vs merely labeled organic for marketing purposes.

With our unique formula, we have packed an entire years supply of washing into just one pouch, replacing about 13 plastic bottles from our environment every year, per household. That’s 13 less bottles being produced and discarded into our oceans and landfill every year!

The pouch is made from kraft paper with a fine BPA-free plastic lining to eliminate leakage. Although the Happi packaging isn’t 100% plastic-free, it is a fantastic alternative to the regular supermarket brands packaged with heavy plastics. What makes Happi stand out even more is the fact that once you’ve gone through 400 washes, you can send it back to us so we can sterilise and refill it.

We believe in giving our customers a kis (keeping it simple) when it comes to our guarantee, so here it is: Love Happi or receive a 100% Refund, Exchange or Credit within 30 days of the delivery date. If you would like a refund, exchange or credit for any reason, we would love to know why and request your permission to ask some questions in order to improve our product or customer service. So that nothing is wasted, we may ask that the product is either returned to us, at our cost, or it is given to someone in need (Possibly a homeless shelter). Happi-ness, it’s our goal

Your Happi pouch is refillable!

Return your pouch to be refilled and create a waste free laundry routine.

Return your pouch to:
27 Expansion Street
QLD 4214

Please include your Name and if possible your original Order number.

In appreciation, you can then order Return & Refill pouch with a 20% discount at $79.98

1 purchase = 1 mangrove tree planted

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