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IMMUNE+ <br />Certified Organic <br />100% Plant based<br />60 capsules
IMMUNE+ <br />Certified Organic <br />100% Plant based<br />60 capsules
IMMUNE+ <br />Certified Organic <br />100% Plant based<br />60 capsules

Certified Organic
100% Plant based
60 capsules

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IMMUNE+ Certified Organic - 100% Plant Based

To strengthen your immune system it is very important to have a diet high in plant foods and limit sugar intake, get enough sleep and minimise stress.

Fyto Immunity + is made from 100% superfood plant extracts that provide Vitamins C, D, and Zinc combined with the plant source of Vitamin K2.

VITAMIN C is an essential micronutrient and potent antioxidant.
VITAMIN D plays an important role in immunity and deficiencies and that are associated in increased autoimmune disorders.
VITAMIN K plays a key role in affecting immune and inflammatory responses.
ZINC is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and deficiencies in it may cause severe immune disfunction.

How to Use
Adults - Take 2 capsules, once daily, with food, or as directed by your health professional

Store below 25℃, protect from moisture. Once open, please use within 90 days.

Premium Plant Based Immunity Blend* (Guava leaf powder* (Psidium guajava*) (64%), Vitamin D2 Blend* , Shiitake Mushroom powder*, Saccharomyces cerevisiae fungi*, Organic Vitamin C Blend* (Alma fruit extract*, Acerola fruit extract*, Kakadu plum fruit extract*, Camu Camu fruit extract*, Rosehip whole plant extract*) (6%), Organic Vitamin K2 Blend* (Fermented soybean seed*, Cassava root extract*), Inulin* (prebiotic), Cassava Capsules*.
* Certified Organic Ingredient